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Why Does My Heater Make a Loud Noise When It Turns On?

Why Does My Heater Make a Loud Noise When It Turns On?

Find the Cause of Unknown Noises

Ever wondered why your heater makes funny noises when it starts up? If you’re confused by the strange sounds, don’t worry. In this blog post, we’ll explain why your heater can be a bit noisy and what those sounds mean.

Understanding Common Heater Noises

When your heater gets going, it can make all sorts of sounds. From soft hums to louder bangs, let’s look at the different noises your heater might make and what they tell you.

Soft Humming

A gentle hum is usually a sign that your heater is working well. It’s just the sound of warm air moving around your place.

Bangs and Clanks

If you hear a loud bang, don’t be alarmed. It’s often just the metal parts in your heater expanding and contracting as they heat up. This happens more when your heater hasn’t been used for a while.

Clicks and Clacks

Clicking and clacking noises are usually from the electrical parts in your heater. It’s like a little dance of parts working together smoothly.

Understanding the Science Behind Heater Noises

Let’s break down the science behind these sounds. From starting the burners to moving air around, each noise has a job to do in keeping you warm.

The Burners

When your heater starts, the burners ignite to generate heat. This initial ignition might produce a slight popping sound, setting the stage for the warmth that follows.

Air Circulation

As warm air circulates through your system and into your living space, it can create subtle sounds. These are the sounds of efficient air distribution, contributing to a comfortable environment.

Dealing with Strange Sounds

While some noise is normal, really loud or weird sounds might mean something needs fixing. Regular check-ups and a bit of cleaning can help keep your heater running quietly.

Call W.L. Staton for Heater Maintenance

The next time your heater makes noise, remember it’s just doing its job. Embrace the sounds, but keep an ear out for anything unusual.

Want your heater to stay quiet and efficient? Schedule a check-up with W.L. Staton today to make sure everything’s working as it should!

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