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Do you have a pipe that is broken and leaking? Perhaps it has frozen sometime during the winter? Maybe it’s a pinhole leak in a copper pipe or a cast iron drain line that has rotted away. What causes these leaks and how can they be prevented? Different kinds of pipe leak for different reasons.

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Over the course of our 38 years in business, we’ve seen it all so we know a thing or two about leaking pipes! No job is too large or small for the professionals at W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling and we have what it takes to repair any type of broken pipe quickly and efficiently. Our expert work and commitment to customer service have resulted in over 250, 5 star Google reviews! so you can trust that we know a thing or two about busted pipes.


Polybutylene pipe will break and leak because it is defective. It is only a matter of time. The best solution for this type of pipe break is to replace it all. Once it begins to fail, it will then continue to fail. Continuing to patch the problems will eventually result in a very expensive flood which could cause extensive damage to your home and belongings.

Galvanized pipe was installed in homes many years ago until the 1970’s. It is not defective, per se, but over time rusts from the inside out eventually either becoming clogged or causing it to break and leak. As it deteriorates, it also reduces the flow of the water through the pipe with a seeming loss of pressure at your fixtures. As with polybutylene, the best solution for broken galvanized piping is to replace it.

Mueller Copper Pipe

Copper pipe breaks and leaks most often for homes or businesses that have well water or on the hot water side of plumbing systems. For well systems, the water must be treated correctly or the substances in your water will continue to cause deterioration in the pipes. The reason hot water pipes tend to break sooner than cold water pipes is due to the increased pressure in the pipes as the water heats and expands. Plumbing code requires that thermal expansion tanks be added to plumbing systems (typically when a water heater is installed). The thermal expansion tank is designed to absorb the increased pressure as the water heats and preserves your pipes. So as a leak in a hot water pipe is repaired it may be prudent to install a thermal expansion tank at the same time if you don’t already have one.

CPVC, PVC, HDPE and PEX pipes are made of different types of plastic and tend to leak less frequently than other types when they’re installed correctly. The reasons these pipes leak will be similar to copper pipes.


If your leak is in a drain pipe it is handled similarly. The sign your leak is on a drain is that it is not continuous – it only leaks when you run water. Since drain pipes are carrying wastewater, remediation of these leaks is a priority. These pipes are typically made of cast iron, copper, ABS (plastic) or PVC (plastic). Cast iron and copper pipes tend to rot over time and are most often replaced with PVC pipe. ABS and PVC pipes are simply repaired.

Over time, all pipe will eventually break and leak. It may be the constant friction of the water passing through, chemical reactions that occur in the water or in the air outside the pipe, slight imperfections in the pipe or movement of the pipe. While none of these reasons brings much comfort once your pipe leaks. W.L. Staton is here to help.

If you have a busted, leaking, or broken pipe, give us a call today at 410-263-5100. We provide pipe and leak repair services to clients throughout central Maryland, including Odenton, Arnold, Catonsville, Crofton, Millersville, Severna Park, Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Pasadena, and Severn.

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Ben GouldBen Gould
13:13 14 Apr 22
Justin came out and gave a thorough run through of options including pricing to help make sure it made the most sense to me. The work was then done impressively quickly and well. Justin went above and beyond to even return a couple days later to install an improved access panel, making the project that much nicer.
20:54 13 Apr 22
We’ve been using W.L. Staton for several years now and they’ve been consistently excellent. They’ve been to our house 7-8 times for a variety of things, ranging from the installation of a new water heater to repair of a garbage disposal. We’ve been very pleased each time. We’ve always found it easy to make an appointment and they’ve always been on time and very accommodating (and very honest - I never felt like they were trying to gouge us). Their plumbers are all quite knowledgeable and easy to work with. We’ve had James and more recently Joe B. Joe is very courteous, professional, and highly skilled. I’ve referred Staton to several people and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Staton to anyone wanting an honest, well run company to take care of their plumbing needs.
Laurie CulkinLaurie Culkin
14:15 01 Apr 22
Vince, my technician, was great! He figured out the problem quickly, was very professional, and the job was done really fast!The company was able to accommodate me first thing the following morning after I called in the afternoon. Absolutely worth it, and would highly recommend!
Michael MillerMichael Miller
23:11 18 Mar 22
Responded right away to help me meet my own schedule of a home improvement project I was was working on. The plumber was courteous to me and respectful of my home. He put down canvas to protect the floor from the front door to the work area. The job was done professionally.
Bridget ReedBridget Reed
22:19 01 Mar 22
The service people were very prompt on a bitter cold day in trying to repair our heat (old boiler system). They had to return the next day with another part and spent all day working on the system. It was cold forthem too, working down in my basement but they worked as fast as they could. At the end of the day, my home was warm and toasty. One of the guys spent some time explaining how the new parts worked in our boiler and that was very helpful. We will always use this company. They are great!

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