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Plumbing is more than fixing drainage systems and installing pipes. A skilled plumber handles stubborn problems that residential and commercial property owners cannot deal with on their own. Plumbing doesn’t have to be a hassle when you work with W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. 

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When it comes to plumbing prevention is always better than a cure. Maintaining a schedule of regular maintenance is the best defense against a flooding bathroom or toilet. Regular maintenance and service calls can greatly extend the life expectancy of the plumbing in your home. We have often discovered that a blocked drain is the symptom of a much larger underlying problem arising out of a lack of plumbing maintenance.

Our experienced team take on all manner of jobs no matter how big or small. Even a small plumbing issue can greatly affect your utility bill so we make it our duty to ensure your plumbing is running as smoothly as possible so you don’t get any nasty surprises in water or electricity usage. A constantly running toilet or low water pressure may actually increase your water and electricity usage. This can greatly reduce the energy savings you might otherwise enjoy from using a water pump due to it running continuously.


The number of plumbing issues which can take you by surprise in your home or commercial property are beyond measure. When they do happen you want them dealt with as quickly as possible. We are more than happy for homeowners to take matters into their own hands if they deem themselves qualified but we also don’t mind getting our hands dirty if the problem is beyond your skills. If this is you then don’t hesitate to call our professional plumbing service in Maryland area, including the Pasadena, MD. Our highly skilled team have the technology, equipment, and skills to get you out of a bind for just about any plumbing problem. From leaky faucets to broken pipes we can handle it all. Be aware that pipe-clearing chemicals you purchase from the supermarket may release gases that can jeopardize your health if you use them without proper ventilation. They can also cause serious injury if they come into contact with your skin.

The problem becomes even worse if there are elderly adults or children around as they may develop breathing difficulty when you use these strong chemicals.


If you have any of these issues, then call the plumbing service with the experience and the expertise. Our plumbers have been serving Pasadena and the greater Anne Arundel County, Maryland regions since 1985 and we are proud to announce that you won’t find a more affordable more professional service anywhere that is suitable for both small business and homeowners. Our customers are important to us so excellent customer service is a high priority.

  • Leaky faucets
  • Clogged pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Damaged garbage disposals
  • Low water pressure
  • Running toilets

Call us today at 410-263-5100 for any plumbing, repair, and replacement needs. You’ll never have to worry about mishaps and emergencies when you work with our plumbing specialists at with W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.

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Tim McElTim McEl
15:50 27 Dec 21
These guys and gals are awesome. They were polite and professional. They were very quick in responding to my well pump leak in my basement. From the lady in the office to the tech (Vince) in the field it was a very pleasant experience. Even paying the reasonable bill was great. I will continue to be their customer in the future and will refer them to my family and friends. Here is a A+ grade for you. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you Tim
17:43 16 Dec 21
Richard and PIP were wonderful! I didn’t know I had a broken thermostat I just knew something was wrong because my heating bill went up $100 from last month with no changes in weather. They also did a very thorough inspection and explained everything they found and taught me how to use my new thermostat. I also want to say Brittany and the office was wonderful to deal with and very accommodating this is a good company!
Jennifer OberholtzerJennifer Oberholtzer
18:51 17 Nov 21
Matt McClure was very knowledgeable & efficient. He was very kind & considerate & did a wonderful job. I recommend W.L. Staton to all my friends & my place of employment uses them regularly with great satisfaction. Will Staton hires & maintains skilled trades people & is always great to do business with. The office staff are always friendly & helpful. I am a grateful repeat customer!
Neil CotterillNeil Cotterill
14:53 26 Aug 21
Smart contractor who understands how to fix even my convoluted system!
Robert FerrisRobert Ferris
18:50 14 Jul 21
Joe did an awesome job explaining what was going on and fixed the problem. Extremely happy with service. Thanks

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