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Sewer Line Inspection & Repair

What Should you Know About Sewer Line Inspection & Repair?

What Should you Know About Sewer Line Inspection & Repair?

The portion of the sewer line linking the home to the main line under the street is the homeowner’s responsibility. As a result, the homeowner is responsible for repairing and maintaining any damage to that portion of the sewer line.

By having a local plumber near me inspect your sewer line, you can diagnose any possible issues and make the necessary repairs or replacements. Many technological developments have led to the possibility of identifying problems without digging due to the availability of hi-tech equipment.

The experts at W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling have compiled this easy-to-follow guide about sewer line inspections and repairs. The following guide will explain how sewer lines are inspected and repaired. As a result, when you request someone to examine your sewer lines, you will have all the answers you need.

Sewer Line Inspection

Firstly, you should search for plumbing companies near me in case you are unsure whether you need a sewer line inspection. A previous method of identifying the problem area involved digging up the entire sewer line to identify the problem. In the modern age of technology, a camera can easily detect problems in pipes.

The camera provides a clear view of what is happening before determining a course of action for repair. Detecting and assessing damage allows a plumber to make repairs faster and easier if the pipes have cracks caused by root intrusion, decayed materials, or clogs.

Video inspection technology is a great way to find problems before hiring a plumber to fix them. It also ensures there will be no overcharging since the problem is visible. It is also possible to use video inspections to verify whether repairs were made correctly by identifying which areas had been repaired.

Sewer Line Repair

Repairing a sewer system without digging a trench can only be achieved by pipeline bursting. New pipes are pushed into place after the old damaged pipes are moved out of the way. It is easy to insert a replacement pipe after removing the old one. The most common pipe material nowadays is PVC, which has a much stronger surface than clay pipes.

Pipe relining can be used to repair pipes without removing them entirely. In this process, a high-pressure hydro-jet cleans out the pipe first then a new pipe is inserted to line up with the old one. The toughness of resin pipes makes them less likely to be penetrated by tree roots

Resin injections are an effective solution for pipes with a few minor cracks. This involves some digging to uncover the cracked areas before the resin is injected into the cracks and allowed to dry and harden.

The Key To Preventing Sewer Line Problems Is Regular Inspection

Avoid washing down things that might cause damage to your sewer line to prevent damage. Many things can damage or clog sewer lines, including acidic liquids and fatty substances.

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