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What might cause a well pump to have low pressure and how to fix it?

What might cause a well pump to have low pressure and how to fix it?

What might cause a well pump to have low pressure and how to fix it?

Are you struggling with low water pressure? Is low pressure disrupting your daily work and annoying you? Fixing low water pressure on a well system can be difficult regardless of your experience as a homeowner. Low water pressure can occur due to several factors that can be easily fixed, while others might require professional pump repair companies to identify the cause.

A well pump controls water pressure in homes with a private well. A low water pressure condition can be identified by the slow flow of water from your home fixtures. The following factors that might cause low pressure in a well pump and how to fix them:

1. Careful adjustment of the pressure switch

There is the option to adjust the pressure switches, but this will reduce the amount of water drawn into the pressure tank. Therefore, adjust the pressure switches carefully. Calling a professional plumber to inspect the live wires in pressure switches is ideal since they may need to be cleaned or replaced.

2. Clogged valves and pipes

Ensure smooth operation of each valve by turning it on and off regularly. The valves can get stuck over time and disrupt water flow. Regular cleaning of pipes is necessary as minerals in the water build up sediments resulting in clogged pipes.

3. Adjust pressure tank

The average pressure needed by a homeowner is between 40 and 60 PSI. You should check the pressure tank if you are not receiving at least 50 PSI because it may need to be adjusted.

4. Air tank with low pressure

A captive air bladder holds a pre-charged amount of air pressure in your pressure tank. If there is any water pressure in the tank, turn off the pump and open a faucet or hose bib to drain it out.

5. Inadequate maintenance

Inadequate maintenance and servicing of the well pump can cause low pressure or malfunctioning of the well pump. Frequent inspection and maintenance of the well pump water system are necessary to maintain the pressure from the pump. Also checking, the PSI is vital for consistent and proper water pressure.

Even after ruling out these issues, it is not likely to solve the problem in the long run and can damage the plumbing and water system. Before taking any action to increase pressure, it is best to consult a professional well pump replacement company. W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is a reputable well pump repair company in Annapolis, MD, advise speaking to our team of experts before taking any action.

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