Natural Gas Appliance Conversion

One of the most effective ways to add more value and comfort to your property is through converting appliances in your house into natural gas. Conversion of appliances into natural gas is actually considered as best way so that you’ll feel more comfortable on your property.  Contact W.L. Staton today for all of of your natural gas appliance conversion questions.

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Natural Gas Appliance Conversion

One of the most effective ways to add more value and comfort to your property is through converting appliances in your house into natural gas. Conversion of appliances into natural gas is actually considered as best way so that you’ll feel more comfortable on your property. Based on a recent study, natural gas only cost almost 40% less than the cost or amount of your oil or electricity consumption. Even with constant changes in the market industry, no doubt that use of natural gas is actually cheaper than any source of energy available today.

So, if you want to convert your appliances and make it compatible with natural gas, you need to consult a professional and expert company that offers appliances conversion. The company can actually help you on this matter. The company converts appliances so that clients can use it through consumption of natural gas.

Appliances That Use Natural Gas

Use of natural gas appliances is far better than using electric appliances. Aside from optimizing time and effort, it is also cost efficient and eco-friendly. W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is always ready to help you and smoothly shift from electrical appliances into natural gas appliances. For more details about natural gas conversion, feel free to contact us for more information.

Water Heater

If you want to heat water, a water heater is one of the best appliances that you should have. You can also get a water heater that uses natural gas. A natural gas heater is considered as one of the most efficient methods to heat water. Please be guided that a natural water heater is actually far better than electrical heat water. It performs faster than an electric water heater.

Gas Range

Most chefs from different parts of the work cook using gas range. However, don’t you know that using natural gas range is actually far better than other gas range machines? It is better to cook using natural gas range since it heats faster and it allows you to control the temperature.

Gas Fireplace

Use of a natural gas fireplace is also highly recommended to people. By means of using a natural gas fireplace, you are guaranteed to acquire better ambiance and comfortable feeling while it is cold outside your place. By means of using a natural gas fireplace, you do not need to use woods and clean messy ashes.

Natural Gas Barbeque

It is good to know that most machine today for barbeque grilling are capable of running or operating using propane or natural gas. Probably, more people will agree that it is better to use natural gas than propane. By means of using a natural gas barbeque, you do not need to refill your propane tank.

Gas Dryer

It is proven that a natural gas dryer works far better than an electric dryer. It will enable users to save time and effort by using natural gas dryer rather than using an electric dryer.

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Megan FrommMegan Fromm
18:37 21 Jun 22
Great experience with this company. They were able to diagnose and fix our issues so quickly, and the technician (Shawn) took lots of time to answer all my questions. We had a tricky place to tuck in our new hot water heater, and he made sure everything fit right, even though it meant running back out to get a different piece/fitting. Everything was cleaned up and working when he left--couldn't be happier!
Jen GinsburgJen Ginsburg
20:34 16 Jun 22
I called and the receptionist was very friendly and had Joe come out the same day. Joe explained everything he was going to do and kept me informed. He was very kind and easy to communicate with. Job was finished very quickly but Thoroughly he even looked at my faucet that was a bit loose. I would highly recommend WL Staton plumbing company.Happy customerJ. Ginsburg
Angela BalsamoAngela Balsamo
13:23 31 May 22
We signed up for their maintenance agreement, which provides us with a Spring/Summer system check and a Fall/Winter check, and recently had the technicians out for our first check of the year. They were extremely professional, took lots of detailed notes and pictures of the system (which, we found out is because IF we ever have a problem in the future they'll already know what parts the unit uses and have them on the truck so repairs can go faster!), opened up the outside unit to make sure there were no potential problems (mostly looking for nests or animals of any kind since that's been a problem in our neighborhood), and even swapped out the filter. Within minutes of leaving, I received a fully detailed report from the technician complete with all the pictures they took. Knowing the system has been thoroughly inspected and giving a clean bill of health, is a huge weight off my mind.
Joan CourtneyJoan Courtney
03:03 24 May 22
This was a complicated and serious job. The team had to dig a 4 foot wide by 10 feet deep trench to get to the sewer pipes.This team worked straight through and took the time to explain everything to me and my husband. They did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend this company.
Me MeMe Me
01:54 24 May 22
Justin was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! He went above and beyond. I was so impressed, especially since we've had nothing but bad experiences with every contractor thus far during home renovations. He came out to give me an estimate and offered to do some minor plumbing I needed done that same day. Justin also saw I needed some help moving and lifting some things and took it upon himself to take care of it for me. After my experience with him today, I felt no need to seek out any other company or estimates. He was the guy for the job. In fact, I've hired this company (Justin) to do additional work I need done. He was on time friendly, professional, very thorough and explained everything to me and made sure I understood. This is the first review I have ever done on any company and their work. 10 stars if I could! Absolutely fantastic! Highly, Highly recommend!! I can't say enough. Thanks again Justin!!

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