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clogging in draings and sewers

Five Steps to Prevent Clogged Drains and Sewer Lines

Five Steps to Prevent Clogged Drains and Sewer Lines

Sinks and bathtubs are often the first places homeowners look when a drain is clogged. Although they cause plumbing problems in your home, these clogs are usually easy to eliminate. Probably you’re searching for plumbing companies near me or thinking about drain cleaning solutions.

Clogs can slow drains down or even stop them from running, resulting in a backup. The clearing of clogged sewer lines may require the assistance of a local sewer line plumber. Clogged sewer pipes can be prevented, however, with some simple steps. Follow these five steps to prevent drain and sewer clogs.

Dispose of The Trash Correctly

Toilets serve as a way to remove human waste from homes. If you flush objects like baby wipes or feminine hygiene products down the toilet, you will cause damage to your sewer system. Clogs may form in the pipes due to these items as they strain them excessively. Instead of flushing these items into the toilet, dispose of them in the trash.

Keep Grease Out of Kitchen Drains

Your home’s drains become clogged with grease as it travels down the pipe and hardens. It is not advisable to use garbage disposal for greasy items, such as butter, fatty meat trimmings, salad dressing, and creamy sauces. There are several reasons why you may need a professional drain cleaning in Arnold, including grease.

Getting Rid of Soap Scum

It is important to remember that soap scum is another major cause of clogs. The build-up of soap scum is another major contributor to clogs. Soap scum is a slimy, sticky substance created when hard water reacts with soap. Switching to liquid soaps and body washes can help solve this problem, as can a whole-house water softener. There is less risk of soap scum forming with liquid soaps.

Stop Root Growth with Copper Sulfate

It’s important to keep drains free of tree roots since they can cause problems with drain lines. It poses no threat to the rest of the tree, as copper sulfate only harms the roots that enter the drain. Using copper sulfate crystals regularly can help prevent root growth in the sewer lines.

Cleaning Drains Regularly

It is recommended that you have your drains and sewer lines cleaned every year by a drain cleaning company in Annapolis. In order to remove sludge and debris from your sewer lines, you need to hire a professional plumber with special equipment. Maintaining your drain lines can prevent problems from developing in the future.


Make sure you get a clogged drain resolved as soon as possible because it won’t go away even after you follow these five steps. If you plan on removing the clog yourself, it’s best not to do so.

To ensure a quality job is done the first time, hire an experienced professional. We recommend that you call W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling for your drain cleaning needs. Our team can clean anything from clogged shower drains to backed-up sewer drains. For more information about drain cleaning or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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