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Signs You May Need to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

Plumber fixing a hot water heater

As the chilly winds of winter set in, our trusty water heaters become indispensable in providing us with the warmth and comfort we need. Yet, like any hardworking appliance, water heaters are not immune to wear and tear. Ignoring the signs of a struggling water heater can lead to inconvenient breakdowns, cold showers, and potential […]

What Not to Put Down the Garbage Disposal

Food waste in the dispenser hole in the kitchen sink and a jet of water.

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement and anticipation in the air are palpable. From festive decorations to mouthwatering feasts, every household is buzzing with joy and laughter. However, amidst all the merriment, there lies a hidden danger that could turn your holiday season into a plumbing nightmare. Yes, you’ve guessed it right – your […]

How to Clean a Kitchen Sink Drain

Water down the drain of kitchen sink.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, where delicious meals are prepared, and family gatherings take place. But, hidden beneath the gleaming countertops and polished fixtures, there’s a vital component that often goes unnoticed until it causes trouble – the kitchen sink drain. A clogged or smelly kitchen sink drain […]

How Much Does an Emergency Plumber Cost?

Plumber trying to unscrew a drain.

In the unpredictable realm of home maintenance, there are few scenarios as anxiety-inducing as a plumbing emergency. Whether it’s a burst pipe flooding your basement, a malfunctioning water heater in the dead of winter, or a stubborn clog that refuses to yield, the need for an emergency plumber can strike at any moment. When facing […]

How to Flush a Water Heater

Smiling technician repairing an hot-water heater

Have you ever stepped into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and instead of the comforting rush of warm water, you’re greeted with a disappointing blast of cold? If this scenario sounds all too familiar, it might be time to pay some attention to your often-overlooked household hero—the water heater. Your water heater is like […]

How Do I Get Rid of Fruit Flies In My Drain?

This is an illustration of a fruit fly flying around a drainage ditch.

Fruit flies can be an infuriating presence in our homes, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and hovering around our ripest produce. While these tiny pests can be found congregating around fruit bowls and compost bins, they often have a secret hideout that’s less visible but just as problematic: your kitchen drain. If you’ve ever wondered, […]

How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Clearing the shower drain

When faced with a stubbornly clogged shower drain, finding a solution might seem daunting. The good news is that there are a variety of effective methods to clear that unwanted blockage and restore proper water drainage.  In this guide, W.L. Staton will be your expert companion, walking you through the step-by-step process of unclogging a […]

How Does A Tankless Water Heater Work?

Tankless hot water heater mounted on wall of home

Imagine having a continuous supply of hot water on demand, precisely when you need it, without the need for a bulky storage tank. That’s what we call a tankless water heater, a marvel of modern technology that revolutionizes the way we experience hot water in our homes. Unlike traditional water heaters that store and heat […]

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

Residential Water Heater with the panel removed for repairs or adjustments to the thermostat. Please also see my lightbox:

The lifespan of a water heater is a critical consideration for homeowners seeking reliability and efficient hot water supply. From morning showers to household chores, a well-functioning water heater is essential. Although many factors affect their longevity, most water heaters last between 10-15 years. In this guide, we’ll delve into the factors that influence the […]

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Replacement of water supply pipes for new ones, assembly on a housing estate

Everything You Need to Know About Trenchless Sewer Repair Are you worried about costly and disruptive trenching in order to repair your sewer line? It can be a stressful situation, but don’t worry – you now have the option of trenchless sewer repair! No need to make huge messes in your backyard or driveways, as […]

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