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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Plumber to Replace Your Leaky Faucet

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It might seem expensive to hire professional plumbing services in Annapolis, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. The costs of repairs and utility bills will increase if the plumbing system malfunctions. If you are experiencing plumbing problems, you can easily find a local plumber near me and hire an expert plumber to […]

How to Find and Repair Water Leaking in the Bathroom Wall?

Pipe Repair Services in Annapolis

Have you noticed that your bathroom and house smell like mold? Does the odor persist despite your attempts to find its source? Have you searched for a plumber near you? Need not worry when W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling is on hand to assist you with all your emergency pipe repair needs in Annapolis […]

Common Reasons for a Clogged Sewer Line in the Summer

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Clogged sewer lines can happen at any time, and there is no good time to discover this. There is also the risk of serious sewage blockages in the summer. Your home’s sewer system can be negatively affected due to increased use, inclement weather, and other factors, requiring sewer line cleaning. There are several factors that […]

The Most Common Plumbing Problems in Old Homes and Ways to Solve Them

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Although older homes may appear to be perfect on the outside, they sometimes have a few plumbing issues. A system that has not been maintained properly may require an emergency plumber. On the inside, old houses still have the same foundation even if the exterior appears new. A regular inspection of all plumbing systems, including […]

How to Find & Hire the Best Plumber or Plumbing Company or Contractor In Your Area

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How can you locate a local plumbing contractor in Annapolis if you do require a plumber? How can you know which plumbing company near me is the most equipped to manage the job? What is the greatest way to locate the ideal emergency plumber in my area? A local plumber or plumbing service can provide […]

Toilet Repair: How to Fix a Leaking or Running Toilet

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The sound of a toilet running has annoyed us all. There may be a continuous flow of water, or it may cycle on and off. As rubber gaskets harden and do not seal, parts corrode, plastic pieces crack, and floats fill with water. A weak flush could be causing the bowl not to fill up, […]

Why You Need To Hire A Professional For Drain Cleaning Services

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Your home or business can suffer a lot of damage if your drains are dirty. It’s not just that they smell and look ugly, but they may also be a health hazard. At W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, our drain cleaning experts recommend that you have your drains cleaned at least twice per year […]

What might cause a well pump to have low pressure and how to fix it?

What might cause a well pump to have low pressure and how to fix it?

Are you struggling with low water pressure? Is low pressure disrupting your daily work and annoying you? Fixing low water pressure on a well system can be difficult regardless of your experience as a homeowner. Low water pressure can occur due to several factors that can be easily fixed, while others might require professional pump […]

What are some signs your home needs professional drain cleaning?

Signs to look for when your home needs professional drain cleaning

Did you realize that your everyday activities can help you avoid drainage problems? You can avoid clogged drains with correct waste disposal habits and regular plumbing maintenance. All it requires is professional drain cleaning on a routine basis. Know when it’s preferable to call in professional drain cleaning services; before trying to repair or fix […]

Reasons to Hire a Professional and Licensed Plumber

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Are you in a dilemma whenever you have to call a plumber? Are you always thinking why should I hire a professional and licensed plumber? Whether you’re dealing with an urgent plumbing problem at home or examining the piping in your commercial building, it is advisable to hire a plumber who has complete expertise in […]