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10 Tips to Keep Your AC in Good Condition During the Summer

10 Tips to Keep Your AC in Good Condition During the Summer

Central Maryland is experiencing warming temps as summer approaches. Air conditioners provide us with much-needed relief from the sweltering heat, and most houses have them. After a long day in the heat, there is nothing better than entering an air-conditioned home after a short time outdoors. It is also important to note that your air conditioner can consume more than 50% of your annual energy consumption.

The longer and hotter the summer, the harder it is for an air conditioner to function. Excessive use can shorten a unit’s lifespan and damage its performance. Read along with this blog instead of searching for HVAC repair near me during the summer to learn 10 tips to keep your AC in good condition.

Close the room tightly

The cool air will not leak out if you keep the room tightly closed. The cool air that leaks will make your air conditioner work harder to get in more air. This cycle could lead to overheating and damage to the AC. Make sure the room is well-insulated and tightly sealed with caulking and proper insulation.

Maintain a shady room

It’s always the recommendation of HVAC contractors to shut the windows and pull the curtains so that there is no sunlight entering the room. During summer, UV rays radiating from the sun can cause a room to become very warm. To keep the temperature, comfortable AC must pump large quantities of cool air, which heats them. Therefore, you should close the curtains when using an air conditioner.

Clean the Filters

After prolonged use, dust and dirt can accumulate in the air filters of an air conditioner, causing several problems. For optimum performance, replace your air filters every year if you use disposable filters. The air filters can be cleaned every 3 months, or you can hire an HVAC company in Annapolis to do it for you.

Turn Off When Not Using

The best thing to do when you aren’t in the room is to turn off your air conditioner. A lot of people like to keep their AC on when they get home to keep the room cold when they return. That’s not an ideal solution, though; it puts an unreasonable amount of strain on your AC.

Install In A Spacious Area

If the air conditioner is installed in a confined space, it will not be able to function properly. An area with ample space is required for both the indoor and outdoor units. It is easier for air to flow well throughout a room if the surrounding area is open.

Clean the Vents

This is where cold air is released from the AC. The airflow will be restricted if these vents are dirty and dusty. HVAC contractors in Annapolis recommend cleaning your vents three to four times a year to prevent dust from accumulating inside.

Using ceiling fans

You can save energy by using ceiling fans and air conditioners together. Your ceiling fan circulates the air and moves it throughout the room when you turn on the AC and your ceiling fan. In this way, the unit has to exert less effort to cool the air faster.

Maintain the outdoor unit

The indoor unit will not function properly if the outdoor unit is damaged. Objects like plants and vines can block the outdoor unit’s fan and damage it if they get in the way.

Smart Thermostat

Adapt your air conditioner to the right temperature needed for your room with the help of a smart thermostat. In most cases, HVAC companies recommend setting the thermostat between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius if your AC is not automatically programmable.

Maintenance Schedule

Every year, as soon as the temperature begins to rise, you should check and service your air conditioner. Find a local air conditioning repair company near me and hire an HVAC company near you for routine maintenance.



For regular maintenance and service of your air conditioning system, you should hire a trusted HVAC contractor like W.L. Staton Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. Our tips will ensure your AC unit runs well throughout the year so that you can relax after a day of outdoor activities in a nice, cool home. You can reach us 7 days a week throughout the year in case of any emergency breakdown of your air conditioning unit. You can count on us to handle all your air conditioning repair and maintenance needs.

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