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Toilet Repair: How to Fix a Leaking or Running Toilet

toilet repair plumbing services in Maryland

The sound of a toilet running has annoyed us all. There may be a continuous flow of water, or it may cycle on and off. As rubber gaskets harden and do not seal, parts corrode, plastic pieces crack, and floats fill with water. A weak flush could be causing the bowl not to fill up, […]

When to Know to Repair or Replace Your Sump Pump

sump pump maintenance

A sump pump keeps your basement from flooding when it rains a lot. Sump pumps remove excess water from drains and distribute it far from the house, typically in a basement basin. The average sump pump lasts at least ten years. Since the sump pump only runs when necessary, you may not notice it for […]

Reasons to Hire a Professional and Licensed Plumber

best local plumbing company in Annapolis

Are you in a dilemma whenever you have to call a plumber? Are you always thinking why should I hire a professional and licensed plumber? Whether you’re dealing with an urgent plumbing problem at home or examining the piping in your commercial building, it is advisable to hire a plumber who has complete expertise in […]